BORDA e.V. in India

Only a few years ago the city of Bangalore in southern India was still known as the “city of lakes”. Around 900 of these lakes served as the main source of water, regulated the groundwater level and represented an important aquatic ecosystem. But Bangalore’s transition in recent years to the “Silicon Valley of India” with its rapid urbanisation and industrialisation has claimed its victims, including around 700 of these highly important lakes. Badly polluted by urban wastewater, they are the reason Bangalore has become the “city of burning lakes” – because a small spark is often enough to set an entire lake surface ablaze.

Due to this precarious and environmentally threatening situation, BORDA e.V. has decided to intensively support the Karnataka Forest Department (KFP), a non-governmental organisation, in its project to help the lakes of Bangalore. In concrete terms this will involve the regeneration of four selected lakes, which together cover an area of more than 300 hectares.

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