BORDA e.V. in South Asia

Pupils whose schools are located in the Himalayas – the highest mountains on earth – have to dress up warm, especially in the winter months. Not only does the cold season often extend over a period of six months, due to the lack of insulation in the buildings, the water supply often fails because the water freezes. This affects the hygiene situation of the school children enormously: cleanliness standards can no longer be maintained because there is no water to wash hands. In this way, diseases easily spread among the children.

BORDA has therefore set itself the goal of implementing winter-proof hygiene concepts at ten schools in Leh, a town in the Indian part of the Himalayas. By installing solar powered hand washing systems the children should not only have access to clean, running water independent of the weather, but also the use and added value of renewable energies can be demonstrated and advertised in this way in the region.

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