BORDA e.V. in Jordan

Jordan is the second most water-scarce country in the world. The Jordanian district of South Ghor is located in the southwest of the country in the administrative district of Karak; its 62,000 inhabitants are distributed among 11 settlements. Although South Ghor is the agricultural center of the country due to its location along the Jordan River, it also remains one of the poorest regions in Jordan. Access to adequate water and sanitation is not assured for the majority of people from these rural regions. In Jordan, on average, just 6% of all rural residents have such access to safe sanitation, and providing it requires special effort in the world’s second most water-scarce country.

Clean water in Jordan is pumped through the residential distribution network only once a week. Residents therefore collect the precious wet for their daily needs in water tanks. To help economically weakened communities, BORDA has set itself the task of providing 110 water tanks. In addition, Cash-4-Workers will be used, i.e. local temporary workers who are needed to carry out the work. The employment of local workers will further contribute to the development of the economically weakened communities.


Project Overview

Procurement of water tanks

Clean water is only available once a week in Jordan. The inhabitants collect the precious water in water tanks. As part of the 6-month project, 110 water tanks will be provided and local forces will be commissioned to install them.

Water für schoolchildren

Die Schüler und Schülerinnen der Gonve CU Primary School schöpfen jeden Tag ihr Trinkwasser am Teich und tragen es zwei Kilometer weit. Durch den Bau eines Brunnes erhalten die Kinder sauberes Trinkwasser und gewinnen mehr Zeit zum Lernen.

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Watersystems for all

A long-term project is improving the living conditions of marginalized communities in Nepal. This includes access to clean drinking water as well as water and sanitation management including mini-laboratories.

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