Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. (Engineers without Borders) in Tanzania

Rainwater cisterns for reliable drinking water

In the Kagera region in the extreme northwest of Tanzania, large parts of the rural population have no access to clean drinking water. Since 2008 Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. has been supporting the Tanzanian non-governmental organisation MAVUNO Project in the construction of water cisterns.

These closed reservoirs collect rainwater during the rainy season and provide the population with safe access to clean drinking water. At the same time, the reservoirs limit the spread of malaria and diarrhoea.

230 water cisterns have already been constructed since the start of the project ten years ago. An additional 5,750 people are expected to benefit from this project in the future through the construction of further cisterns. A further positive side-effect of this project is that, due to the newly created proximity to clean water, the time-consuming fetching of water is no longer necessary for many children and adults. They can then use the time they have gained to go to school or go to work.

Project overview

Development of the septic bag

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A wide-scale WASH project

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Construction of rainwater cisterns

In the Kagera region (Tanzania), many people have no direct access to drinking water. Several rainwater cisterns are to supply around 5,750 people with clean water and thus prevent disease.

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