Engineers without Borders in Uganda

For about a year now the poor rural population of the village of Kako in Ugandahas been living without medical care. The health centre, founded in 1956, ceased operations after the death of its founder. This is a major health problem not only for the village population, but also for the people in the surrounding area.

In Uganda statistics show that there is only one doctor for every 21,700 people, and the sick often have to walk more than five kilometres to get help.

In order to relieve the situation in Kako, Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. is supporting the family of the deceased founder in restarting operations in the currently vacant building of the former health centre. This involves the renovation of the building, the restoration of the water supply and sanitation as well ensuring an uninterruptible power supply. The equipment of the centre and the construction of an incineration plant for germ-laden medical waste are also on the agenda.

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