Ingenieure ohne Grenzenin Guinea

To get drinking water, the approximately 500 inhabitants of the village of Massarankissidou in west african Guinea have to go to great lengths. Their only source of water, a river, is located one kilometer away from their home. Children from the age of eight are sent there around five times a day to fetch water for their families. They need 45 to 60 minutes for each trip – time they could otherwise spend at school.

Furthermore, the river water is often contaminated: Diarrhea, typhoid and parasite infestation are the consequences. Ingenieure ohne Grenzen wants to help the people in Massarankissidou and install a safe water supply system. In doing this, they think in the long term: another central aspect of their project is the training of local workers. They should learn how to install a water supply system and then spread their knowledge further in the region and in other villages.

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