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Water for Gonve CU Primary School in Mukono District, Uganda

Gonve CU Primary School is a public school located in Mukono District, Uganda. The village of Gonve is about 73 km away from Kampala and is located in a remote, rural area. Currently, it is attended by 242 girls and 186 boys.

There is no water connection at the school. Therefore, the children fetch water from a pond two kilometers away and bring it to school in jerry cans. Since the water comes from a pond from which animals also drink, it is contaminated with feces and is not suitable as drinking water.

Together with local partner Suubi Community Projects, Engineers Without Borders is working to drill a well so that the children no longer spend so much time fetching water – instead of doing their schoolwork – and have access to clean water at school.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Procurement of Watertanks

Clean water is only available once a week in Jordan. The inhabitants collect the precious water in water tanks. As part of the 6-month project, 110 water tanks will be provided and local forces will be commissioned to install them.

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Water for Schoolchildren

The students of Gonve CU Primary School draw their drinking water every day at the pond and carry it two kilometers. By building a well, the children receive clean drinking water and gain more time for learning.

Wassersystems for all

A long-term project is improving the living conditions of marginalized communities in Nepal. This includes access to clean drinking water as well as water and sanitation management including mini-laboratories.

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