Orphanages Oblast Odessa

With the help of local support on the ground, the Solidarity Foundation Ukraine has identified a total of eleven children’s homes that are to receive direct support from the foundation. The facilities are children’s homes, some of which house mentally handicapped and severely handicapped children without parents. The homes were visited by the Foundation’s contact persons in Odessa Oblast, on the basis of whose assessments an overview of urgent renovation work and a list of priorities had already been drawn up. The work began with the orphanage in Ananyiv, which is home exclusively to children with severe mental disabilities. Furniture and other furnishings from the purchase of insolvent old people’s homes have already been procured and transferred in October.

Project Overview

Iwano-Frankivsk psychiatric clinic

The psychiatric clinic in Iwano-Frankivsk is an important refuge for internally displaced persons from the country’s embattled regions who are suffering from severe psychological stress.

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Orphanages in Odessa Oblast

In Odessa Oblast, eleven children’s homes are being supported to give new hope to mentally and severely disabled children without parents.

Field kitchens Odessa Oblast

Support in the cold: New field kitchens are being used in the Odessa Oblast during the winter storm to provide hot meals and help the community in times of damaged infrastructure.

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