Thank you for your vote 2020!

By casting your vote at the turn of the year 2020/2021, you decided on the distribution of the donation sum of 55,000 euros!

The result of the vote was as follows:

  1. The Engineers without Borders e.V. receives 30.000 Euro
  2. The BORDA e.V. receives 15.000 Euro
  3. The Viva con Agua de St. Pauli e.V. receives 10.000 Euro

Since the donation checks were handed over at the beginning of the year, a lot has happened at the project sites in Ethiopia, Guinea and India. As the end of a year is always accompanied by a retrospective, we will now take stock of the concrete progress that has been made with the help of the HANSA-FLEX donation in 2021.

BORDA e.V. in India

Under the direction of experienced engineers from BORDA South Asia, solar-powered hand washing and drinking water systems have been built at two schools in the Ladakh region in northern India since April 2021. These are low-maintenance and are manufactured locally. Around 500 students will thus have access to running water. Construction work is expected to be completed by the time the extremely cold weather conditions arrive in November.

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Engineers without Borders e.V. in Guinea

In 2020, progress was made in the development of a sustainable water supply in the rural region around the village of Massarankissidou in the West African country of Guinea: Although the fact-finding trip by the Engineers Without Borders teams had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic, preparations are in full swing. Preliminary geophysical surveys are already planned in the run-up to the trip, which will be carried out by a local company. This will bring the project participants a step closer to their goal of improving the living conditions of more than 5,000 people.

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Viva con Agua e.V. in Mosambik

As part of the long-term large-scale project “John’s Rig”, over 200 wells will be built in Ethiopia by 2024 with the help of the mobile drilling rig of the same name. Thanks to the commitment of Viva con Agua e. V.
Thanks to the commitment of Viva con Agua e.V., three deep wells and six latrine blocks were built in the state of Amhara last year. In addition, drilling for 21 shallow wells and training courses were carried out, and various items of personal protective equipment such as masks, disinfectants and gloves were provided.

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