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At Christmas, we surprise our loved ones with small and large gifts. The past year has shown us that time together is one of the most valuable gifts. For people in the countries of the global south, however, one thing is even more important: water. Therefore, we have already been supporting various water, hygiene and health projects since 2017. We would like to continue this tradition this year with your help.

Your vote decides

Your vote decides

As part of our Christmas campaign “Donate instead of give”, we are foregoing gifts and instead donating a total of 55,000 euros to three aid projects run by BORDA e.V., Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. and Viva con Agua e.V. With your vote, you have the opportunity to decide how the donations are distributed. In order to find your favorite project, we present the different measures in Uganda, Jordan and Nepal and the organizations behind them. The online voting ends on December 31, 2021. The project with the most votes will then receive the largest share of the donation.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Procurement of Watertanks

Clean water is only available once a week in Jordan. The inhabitants collect the precious water in water tanks. As part of the 6-month project, 110 water tanks will be provided and local forces will be commissioned to install them.

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Water for school children

The students of Gonve CU Primary School draw their drinking water every day at the pond and carry it two kilometers. By building a well, the children receive clean drinking water and gain more time for learning.

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Watersystems for all

A long-term project is improving the living conditions of marginalized communities in Nepal. This includes access to clean drinking water as well as water and sanitation management including mini-laboratories.

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You choose, we donate!

With your vote you decide on the distribution of the donation amount: Each aid project receives a fixed donation amount of 5,000 euros. You distribute the remaining 40,000 euros with your vote.

The project with the most votes will receive an additional 25,000 euros, the second-place project will receive 10,000 euros and HANSA-FLEX will donate a further 5,000 euros to the third-place winner. If you would like to support this commitment with your own donations, this is of course entirely in our interest.

What’s next?

As in previous years, this commitment marks the start of long-term support for the three aid projects and the respective organisations. In this way, the donations will gradually flow into the respective measures on site.

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