The HANSA-FLEX Christmas donation

The HANSA-FLEX Christmas donation

Dear colleagues, friends, customers and business associates,

For the third year in succession we once more wish to do without presents at Christmas, and instead do a good deed together. We are again donating a total of 55,000 euros to three water, hygiene and health projects in Africa and Asia, which this year have for the first time been selected by HANSA-FLEX staff.

Thanks to our very good experience from previous years, we have remained loyal to our project partners and will continue to support BORDA e.V., Ingenieure ohne Grenzen e.V. and Viva con Agua e.V. These non-profit organisations have a lean administrative structure and are committed to ensuring unhindered access to clean drinking water worldwide while at the same time providing environmentally friendly wastewater solutions for all people.

Your vote counts

We would like to encourage you to use your vote to decide on the distribution of the overall donation. Please get to know the organisations and their current projects, and then choose the project which you think should receive the largest part of the donation. 

Project overview

Regeneration of heavily polluted lakes

The Indian city of Bangalore has made a name for itself in recent years as the “city of burning lakes”. Around 700 of the lakes in the region are so polluted that they even catch fire. A project to regenerate four selected large lakes is intended to relieve the situation.

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Drinking water and hygiene

Two provinces with the highest risk of disease in Mozambique are to be helped both by providing access to clean drinking water and by installing hygiene facilities. This major project is currently in its second phase.

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Rehabilitation of a health centre

In the village of Kako (Uganda) there is a lack of medical care for the population. The rehabilitation of a disused health centre and the restoration of the electricity and water supply are intended to provide relief for the people there.

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You vote, we donate!

With your vote you decide on the distribution of the money to be donated: each aid project will receive a fixed donation of 5,000 euros. With your vote you decide on the distribution of the remaining 40,000 euros.

The project with the most votes will receive an additional 25,000 euros, the second-placed project will receive 10,000 euros and HANSA-FLEX will donate a further 5,000 euros to the third project. If you would like to support this commitment with your own donations, this will of course be greatly appreciated.

What are the next steps?

As was the case the last years, this commitment marks the start of long-term support for the three aid projects and their respective organisations, with the donations flowing gradually to the respective operations on site.

Now select your project

Which project should receive the highest donation amount?