Viva con Agua e.V. in Nepal

Further development of municipal WASH systems through technical support

Viva con Agua has been active in the Chitwan region since 2015, and the previous project supported the construction of 32 new water systems that provided safe drinking water to 775 households through private tap connections. In addition, 597 households gained access to safe drinking water through public standpipes. Through the WASH plans developed in the process, 50 additional locations of vulnerable populations without access to safe water were identified in the target communities. In addition, the establishment of mini-laboratories to test drinking water quality is a top priority to ensure good water quality and compliance with water safety plans.

By permanently improving the WASH situation (WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene), Viva con Agua e.V. aims to improve the living conditions of around 4,615 households in 2022 through various facilities.

Project Overview

Project Overview

Procurement of water tanks

Clean water is only available once a week in Jordan. The inhabitants collect the precious water in water tanks. As part of the 6-month project, 110 water tanks will be provided and local forces will be commissioned to install them.

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Water for schoolchildren

The students of Gonve CU Primary School draw their drinking water every day at the pond and carry it two kilometers. By building a well, the children receive clean drinking water and gain more time for learning.

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Wassersystems for all

A long-term project is improving the living conditions of marginalized communities in Nepal. In addition to access to clean drinking water, this also includes water and sanitation management, including mini-laboratories.

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