Dear employees, friends, customers and business partners,

For several years now, HANSA-FLEX has refrained from giving promotional gifts to customers and instead donated to a good cause. This year, we would like to support the Solidarity Foundation Ukraine (SSU) with a monetary donation. This year’s total amount of 40,000 euros will be divided between three projects and you can help decide which project receives how much money.

Cast your vote now in the Christmas voting. After the voting, the money will be distributed as follows:

1st place = EUR 20,000
2nd place = EUR 15,000
3rd place = EUR 5,000

Project Overview

Psychiatric clinic Iwano-Frankiwsk

The psychiatric clinic in Iwano-Frankivsk is an important refuge for internally displaced persons from the country’s embattled regions who are suffering from severe psychological stress.

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Orphanages in Oblast Odessa

In Odessa Oblast, eleven children’s homes are being supported to give new hope to mentally and severely disabled children without parents.

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Field kitchens Oblast Odessa

Support in the cold: New field kitchens are being used in the Odessa Oblast during the winter storm to provide hot meals and help the community in times of damaged infrastructure.

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“As a family business, we know that educational and healthcare facilities are essential for a future worth living for families. We all hope that the war in Ukraine will end soon so that we can help with concrete measures on the ground,” explains Alina Armerding, who is a board member of the foundation.

Would you like to support the foundation’s work? You can find more information online at